David Plaut

On this program we talk NFL Films from the 70’s and beyond with producer David Plaut. Run by Ed and Steve Sabol, NFL Films provided a combination of music and image that promoted the NFL with weekly highlights and magazine programs, and eventually an entire network, as they continue to document every moment of everyContinue reading “David Plaut”

Phil Spieller

On this program we discuss the heyday of NFL Films in the 60s and 70s with their Music Director Phil Spieller. NFL Films was run by Ed Sabol, and later his son, Steve Sabol. They documented the National Football League with a style that developed into a mix of slow motion footage and dramatic music,Continue reading “Phil Spieller”

Tom Pierson

Gil Evans called Tom Pierson “the best unknown composer I know” Born in Ashland, Wisconsin in 1948 and an explorer by nature, Tom studied classical at Julliard before venturing into jazz, fusion, and film. He’s written a symphony and is currently composing an opera. He’s arranged and composed film scores for directors Robert Altman, MilosContinue reading “Tom Pierson”