Tony Luisi

Electronic music, NFL Films, and all that jazz On this program we pay tribute to jazz pianist, composer and Philadelphia studio owner Tony Luisi. Tony Luisi overcame significant health issues to become an essential part of the Philadelphia Sound as a jazz musician, studio owner, composer and arranger. He experimented early on with electronic musicContinue reading “Tony Luisi”

Bill Marx

On this program we chat with composer Bill Marx. He talks about his father, Harpo Marx, as well as Groucho. and we discuss his jazz music and film scores including cult classics from the 1970s for American International Pictures, such as Count Yorga Vampire and Scream Blacula Scream. Listen to the PRX Tom Pierson radioContinue reading “Bill Marx”

Tom Pierson

Gil Evans called Tom Pierson “the best unknown composer I know” Born in Ashland, Wisconsin in 1948 and an explorer by nature, Tom studied classical at Julliard before venturing into jazz, fusion, and film. He’s written a symphony and is currently composing an opera. He’s arranged and composed film scores for directors Robert Altman, MilosContinue reading “Tom Pierson”