David Plaut

On this program we talk NFL Films from the 70’s and beyond with producer David Plaut.

Run by Ed and Steve Sabol, NFL Films provided a combination of music and image that promoted the NFL with weekly highlights and magazine programs, and eventually an entire network, as they continue to document every moment of every game that takes place.

They combine original scoring by their in-house composers, supplemented by production music libraries.

David is an author and Emmy award winning producer at NFL Films from 1976 to 2018, where he ended his career directing the highlight film of his Philadelphia Eagles finally winning the Super Bowl.

Listen to the PRX Phil Spieller radio program:

PRX David Plaut

Click the link below to listen to the extended version of the David Plaut NFL Films interview (without music tracks), with additional detail about the editing process and other programs.

Listen to the David Plaut Extended Interview (no music):

Tim Ayres YouTube

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