Tony Luisi

Electronic music, NFL Films, and all that jazz

On this program we pay tribute to jazz pianist, composer and Philadelphia studio owner Tony Luisi.

Tony Luisi overcame significant health issues to become an essential part of the Philadelphia Sound as a jazz musician, studio owner, composer and arranger. He experimented early on with electronic music and scored documentaries for NFL Films, before passing away in 2015 at the age of 83.

A man of mystery, Tony shied away from the spotlight and his achievements and on this program we shed some light on all aspects of his career, including his creative process and the historic Philadelphia recording studios, with memories from fellow musicians, film producers, and family.

Listen to the PRX Tony Luisi radio program:

PRX Tony Luisi

Click the link below to listen to the extended versions of the Tony Luisi program interviews (without music tracks):

Listen to the Tony Luisi program interviews (no music):

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